Post Installation Recommended Steps

Welcome to Zenbership!

Congratulations on completing the installation of Zenbership! You are now ready to get started with the software.

Zenbership is a large piece of software, covering multiple distinct feature-sets in a single platform. Because of this, it can seem intimidating at first glance. While there is a learning curve for the program, we strive to make learning the software easier. Please don't hesitate to contact us with your questions, and of course, you can always reference the online documentation.

Now that you are ready to get started with the software, here are the steps we recommend you take, in order of importance:

Recommended Steps

1. Learn the Basics

2. Establish Your Database

3. Establish Your Identity

4. Set up your eCommerce

5. Build Your Membership Site

Moving Forward

With the basics established, you can begin using the features of the program:

System Options

We recommend that you establish all of the following options before getting started with the program. These options are found at "Integration > Administrative Tasks > Options".

Date FormatSelect a desired date format. Click here for a list of common date formats.
LanguageSelect the primary language for your website.
Phone SeparatorThis is the character between numbers in a phone number. So if you want phone numbers to appear as "555-123-4567", you would input a dash "-" into the option.
Site ModeDetermines whether you are testing or live. Click here for information on the difference.
Google Analytics IDIf you have Google Analytics, input your tracking ID to track usage of your membership site. Click here for details.
Time AdjustTells the program to adjust the server time to match your local time.
Allowed Upload Extensions?Controls the permitted extensions for the file system.
Upload Size LimitThe upload limit for the file system, in bytes. Click here for a converter.
Use Caching?Controls whether you wish to use caching or not.
Use QR Codes?Tells the program whether to issue QR Codes for orders, events, and other features.
Track Usage?Determines whether to track employee usage of the program. Note that activating this will greatly increase disk space used by the program.
Company AddressYour company's mailing address. This is used on many templates as a caller tag, such as the invoice template and some email templates.
Company Contact DetailsMuch like the "Company Address", this is used on many templates as a caller tag, providing users with quick information on how to contact you.
Company E-MailThe default e-mail address for e-mails sent by the program.
Company LogoA full URL to your company's logo. Used extensively on many themes and email templates.
Company NameYour company's name.
Company URLYour company's primary website.

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Published on 2013/07/25.
Last updated on 2013/10/05.

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